Thursday 23 March 2023 – Timothy Abraham & James Coyne

On Thursday 23 March (7.30pm) our guest speakers will be journalist Timothy Abraham and deputy editor of The Cricketer James Coyne.

Timothy and James will be taking us on a journey to discover the largely untold story of cricket’s fate in the world’s most colourful continent.

Cricket was the first sport played in almost every country of the Americas – earlier than football, rugby or baseball. In 1877, when England and Australia played the inaugural Test match at the MCG, Uruguay and Argentina were already ten years into their derby played across the River Plate.

Timothy and James travelled from Mexico City to Tierra del Fuego at the tip of South America in search of the game, the result is their book Evita Burned Down Our Pavilion: A Cricket Odyssey Through Latin America. Shortlisted for the Cricket Society and MCC Book of the Year Awards 2022, Evita is a fascinating blend of cricket, social history and travelogue.

Signed copies of Evita will be available at the event.

Entry is £5 on the door for non-members.

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