Lionel Robinson: Cricket at Old Buckenham

A new book written by the Norfolk Cricket Society’s very own Stephen Musk has just been published by ACS Publications.  ‘Lionel Robinson: Cricket at Old Buckenham’ traces the life and times of Lionel Robinson, the Australian stockbroker who in 1906 purchased Old Buckenham Hall in Norfolk and, amongst his many other developments, created his very own cricket ground.

Lionel Robinson

Robinson was Lord of the Manor, High Sherriff of Norfolk in 1916, and helped bankroll the famous Triangular Test cricket series in England in 1912. That year, in addition to sponsoring the South African touring team, he also brought the Australians to play an England XI at Lakenham Cricket ground in Norwich and South Africa to play his own team of top cricketers at his cricket ground at Old Buckenham Hall.
In 1919 the first international cricket match played in England after the Great War was at Old Buckenham where Robinson’s team entertained the Australian Imperial Forces team.  Most famously of all, in 1921, the all-conquering Australian Test team travelled to Old Buckenham for a three-day game against an almost full strength England side playing as Lionel Robinson’s XI.

‘Lionel Robinson: Cricket at Old Buckenham’ is published by ACS Publications and priced at £14, further information available at



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