Six sixes mystery – £26,400 cricket ball in the news again!

On Wednesday 4th November we’ll be welcoming former Glamorgan bowler Malcolm Nash as our guest speaker. Malcolm was recently featured in The Independent adding further weight to well founded claims that the cricket ball sold at auction for a record £26,400 in 2006 was not the ball bowled by him on 31st August 1968 when Garry Sobers hit him for a record six sixes in an over.

Malcolm Nash

Malcolm Nash

The feature in The Independent can be accessed at

The full account of the sale of the ball reads like a detective story and you can read all about it in Grahame Lloyd’s excellent book Howzat? The Six Sixes Ball Mystery.

Very pleased to announce that Grahame Lloyd will be joining Malcolm for the talk on 4th November by which time we hope that the riddle of the ball will finally be solved once and for all!

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